Chainmail Arm and Leg Armour

While covering the critical areas of the head and torso when fighting remains important, make sure you do not neglect the rest of your body! Our Chainmail Arm and Leg Armour offers a number of excellent chainmail armour pieces that provide increased protection to your limbs. Crafted in a number of styles and from various materials like steel and titanium, the chainmail skirts, chainmail voiders, and chainmail chausses that we carry cover these vital areas to keep you in fighting shape. You can find dome riveted chainmail, wedge riveted chainmail, flattened chainmail, butted chainmail, and other construction styles to find the perfect level of utility and authentic appearance for your needs. When you want to dress as a knight for weapons re-enactments or the Ren Faire, you can find the right medieval chainmail here at Medieval Armour!

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Aluminum Chainmail Leggings

Item # HW-700610-M/L
To help guard yourself against defeat in battle, make sure that you protect your legs from the enemy. Wear gear like the Aluminum Chainmail Leggings. The aluminum leggings are ideal for stage productions or practicing for LARP events.

Aluminum Chainmail Voiders

Item # HW-700614
The Aluminum Chainmail Voiders are essential when creating a thoroughly armoured costume look. No knight would go without protecting the vital area where the inner upper arm and chest meet, and this pair of voiders covers that zone.

Butted Chainmail Leggings

Item # HW-700609-ML
When you next step onto the battlefield, be sure your legs are suitably protected. With woven rings made of 16 gauge mild steel, the Butted Chainmail Leggings are a great defense to add to any medieval or fantasy warrior outfits.

Butted Chainmail Voiders

Item # HW-700613
When it comes to armour for battle, protecting yourself underneath your arms is very important. The Butted Chainmail Voiders are just the thing for providing comprehensive protection.

Chainmail Chausses

Item # MY100203
Our noble ruler has issued a decree. Invaders have entered our borders. The knights must ready themselves for war. Gird yourself in strong padding and chainmail. Reinforce your legs and encase them in the Chainmail Chausses.

Chainmail Skirt

Item # MCI-3357
If you need speed and mobility as well as the safety of metal armour, the Chainmail Skirt is for you! Capable of being worn over skirt, trousers, kilt, and more, this protective accessory makes guarding your lower half a breeze!

Darkened Chainmail Chausses

Item # MY100204
The war is over. Our queen calls forth a celebration. Appear before your noble leader in full battle array to receive praise for your chivalrous deeds. Let your knightly legs be finely clad in the Darkened Chainmail Chausses.

Flat Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Leggings

Item # HW-700611
Protect your legs when you head into battle or face the possibility of being defeated. Wear these great Flat Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Leggings. These leggings can be used for LARP battles, faires, and for light reenacting.

Flat Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Voiders

Item # HW-700615
When fighting, cover every part of you with armour. Protect your sides from the enemy when you wear the Flat Ring Round Riveted Chainmail Voiders. For your next LARP battle, reenactment, or faire, this set is a fantastic choice.

Flat Ring Wedge Riveted Chainmail Leggings

Item # HW-700612
Protect your legs when you next do battle with the Flat Ring Wedge Riveted Chainmail Leggings. This set of steel chainmail leg armour includes two individual legs. Each piece covers a leg from the waist down to the foot.

Flat Ring Wedge Riveted Voiders

Item # HW-700616
Secure your sides against enemy attack when you wear the Flat Ring Wedge Riveted Voiders. These mild steel chainmail armour pieces are sold as a set of two, one for each arm, and complement any armoured medieval or fantasy outfit.

Richard Chainmail Skirt

Item # MY100237
Merry voices and bright decorations fill the courtyard in grand festivity. The honored knight must be clothed in the finest armour. Proudly grace the courts in noble fashion while attired in the Richard Chainmail Skirt.