Fantasy Helmets

The fantasy helmets at Medieval Armour are a distinctive bunch, featuring an assortment of impressive designs that are inspired by all manner of different realms of fantasy. And as functional as some of these helmets are, their functionality is often eclipsed by their impressive designs, which serve only to enhance one's appearance as a warrior. Virtually all of our fantasy helmets are also steel helmets, making each one a reliable and strong helm that any warrior would be happy to wear. Some are decorative, while others are fully functional helmets that are designed to take a good knock or three, providing a good degree of protection against blows that might befall a warrior's skull. We also offer a number of movie helmets, many of which are inspired by and modeled after the helmets worn by famous fantasy figures, such as Conan the Barbarian. Of course, not all fantasy helms are inspired by movies or fiction. Some, like our Undead and Black Ice Helmets, are just impressive works of pure fantasy that none-the-less are quite amazing to behold. And speaking of undead things, we even have a few impressive skull helmets, which will render any warrior's visage into that of a hellish skull straight from the afterlife! There's virtually no end to the wild and impressive designs when it comes to these fantasy helmets. After all, a good barbarian helmet is so hard to come by...but luckily, you can still find that and so much more right here in the Fantasy Helmets, Fantasy Helms, and Movie Helmets Section of Medieval Armour.

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Barbarians Horned Helmet

Item # ZS-910955
The barbarian hordes are no strangers to using fear as a weapon, and this Barbarians Horned Helmet demonstrates that, utilizing great horns to enhance look of this helm so that it made its wearer much more intimidating in battle.
$52.00 $47.00

Berserker Steel Helmet

Item # MCI-2411
Berserkers were fierce Norse warriors who were fearless in battle. They intimidated enemies by wearing bear or wolf skins, and an awesome looking helm like the Berserker Steel Helmet would have paired nicely with their attire.

Black Ice Helmet

Item # MCI-2654
Appear as a Rakh of the Black Ice Essence by combining your Black Ice armour set with the Black Ice Helmet. This officially licensed ConQuest helm is made from 18-gauge mild steel, able to withstand the harsh blows of LARP battle.

Blackened Undead Helmet

Item # MY100084
As warriors rise from the grave, they will appear in a wide range of armour styles. The Blackened Undead Helmet blends various elements of historical helms in a design that will go great with fantasy or medieval ensembles.

Dragonslayer Helmet

Item # LR005H
You are the mighty dragon slayer. The townspeople and bards sing your praises. They recognize you when you walk by wearing the Dragonslayer Helmet. Wear this polyurethane helmet into your next LARP battle or at a cosplay convention.

Helm of the Unsullied

Item # Game-15
Perhaps the fiercest fighting force in all the land, the Unsullied begin training at the age of 5 and fight in phalanx style formations. You can display your enjoyment of their highly disciplined style with the Helm of the Unsullied.

Illumine Brass Helmet

Item # MCI-3468
Become an elven warrior ready to do battle with the foes of the forest when you wear the Illumine Brass Helmet. This brass helmet has a sugar loaf-inspired shape with fantasy details that add a subtle elven elegance to its form.

Reginald Darkened Steel Helmet

Item # MY100233
The evil queen has sensibly chosen you as her dark right hand. None can stand against your deceitful cunning and deadly skill. You fortify yourself in the malicious style and wicked strength of the Reginald Darkened Steel Helmet.

Reginald Steel Helmet

Item # MY100232
Through ceaseless dedication and masterful skill, you have gained the highest rank of the knighthood. You stand as the strong right hand of your ruler. Your vigilant eyes observe the kingdom from within the Reginald Steel Helmet.

Steel Undead Helmet

Item # MY100083
As warriors rise from the grave, they will appear in a wide range of armour styles. The Steel Undead Helmet blends various elements of historical helms in a design that will go great with fantasy or medieval ensembles.

Undead Helmet

Item # MCI-2645
Taking inspiration from the nasal helm of the 12th century, the Undead Helmet belongs to a devoted soldier of the Bone Queen. Enter the ConQuest battleground as a member of the Undead Flesh with this officially licensed helmet.