Chainmail Gauntlets

A good warrior never underestimates the importance of an equally good pair of chainmail gloves. More than his weapons, a warrior's hands are his trade, and every warrior should protect their hands as they would protect their lives. That's why Medieval Armour offers a wide assortment of chainmail gauntlets that are perfect for protecting a warrior's hands. Many of our steel chainmail gloves are battle tested and ready to go, providing all the protection that chainmail armour should when subjected to the rigors of combat. Like the medieval armour used by warriors of antiquity, these pieces of chainmail hand armour are made utilizing many of the same patterns and designs that were prevalent in history. That means that our chainmail gloves and our chainmail mittens are typically either butted chainmail, where the ring ends simply butt up against one another, or riveted chainmail, where the ring ends are riveted together for added strength. If you're heading into battle any time soon, a good pair of chainmail gauntlets is an absolute must-have that will keep your hands safe and secure, while allowing you to keep fighting the good fight. And when you're wearing mail gauntlets from Medieval Armour and you shrug off a blow to your hands and keep on fighting, then that means that we've done our job and done it well in providing you with adequate and effective hand protection.
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Butted Chainmail Gauntlets

Item # HW-700276
Be sure to protect your hands the next time you find yourself in battle. The Butted Chainmail Gauntlets are made of steel over black suede leather. Chainmail covers just the top, leaving the underside unhindered for greater dexterity.

Padded Riveted Chainmail Mittens

Item # AB2753
Do not forget to protect your hands from an enemy attack, brave warrior. Don the Padded Riveted Chainmail Mittens before combat. These padded Chainmail mittens will complete any chainmail suit of armour for reenactments.
$70.00 $65.00

Richard Chainmail Gauntlets

Item # MY100235
The clink of weaponry and armour heralds the arrival of the crusaders. The troop is passing though while on quest to the Holy Land. Their armaments firmly gripped by hands guarded with the Richard Chainmail Gauntlets.

Richard Darkened Chainmail Gauntlets

Item # MY100234
Awake! Make Haste! The castle is under siege. The good king and queen are in peril. Prepare yourselves and be girded with a strong defense. Wisely guard your chivalrous hands with the Richard Darkened Chainmail Gauntlets.

Riveted Chainmail Gloves

Item # HW-700515
Grasp your medieval weapon and protect your hands with the Riveted Chainmail Gloves. No warrior should be without these steel gauntlets in combat. These gloves are an ideal addition for any historical reenactment or cosplay event.