Full Suits of Armour

Things get hectic on the field of battle...but that doesn't stop everyone from taking notice of a heavy warrior clad in a full suit of medieval plate armour. It just goes to show how impressive full suits of armour are. And like the suits of medieval armour from eras long-since passed, the suits of steel armour here at Medieval Armour are nothing if not incredibly impressive to behold. These full suits are armour, despite their various styles and differences, come in two distinctive types. Some are wearable, functional suits of armour, while others are impressive, standing suits of armour that are made purely for decoration. Many of our more ornate suits of medieval armour, such as those from Marto, are purely decoration pieces that will leave others in complete awe of its detailing. Other suits, though, are suits of functional armour that can be displayed when not in use, and later worn as knights armour when desired for protection or just for the look. And like the armour of ancient days, our suits of armour come in many different styles. Some are suits of embossed armour, featuring intricate displays and designs across its surface. Other suits of steel armour are modeled after the gothic armour that came out of Germany and the Milanese armour that came out of Northern Italy. If you're looking for a full suit of knights armour to stand up and display in your home or office, you'll find it here. And if you're looking for full suit of armour to show off as a display some days and wear as armor on others, then you'll find that right here, too, in this full suits of armour section of Medieval Armour.
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16th Century Aged Finish Full Suit of Armor

Item # ME-0024
Demonstrate your passion for European history with the breathtakingly beautiful 16th Century Aged Finish Full Suit of Armor. This is a wearable set of handcrafted steel armour which is made in Italy and exemplifies a Milanese style.

Armour of Churburg

Item # AB0072
This fully wearable suit of armour is based on the famous harness housed in the Castle of Churburg. This armour is believed to have been made in Milan by armorers of the Missiglian family during the second half of the 14th century.
$2,092.00 $1,990.00

Duke of Burgundy Suit of Armor

Item # 300052
The 15th century was a bloody one for Europe, although all the conflicts of the age did have a positive effect. All this conflict led to the improvement of armor, which gave us such protection like this Duke of Burgundy Suit of Armor.

Eagle Crest Armour

Item # ED6011
This stunning armour is adorned with a gold heraldic eagle on its breastplate. Standing about 6 feet tall on its wooden base, it is quite impressive and comes complete with sword. It is a glorious image of the medieval knights armor.

Frederick the Victorious Full Suit of Armor

Item # ME-0027
Remarkably emulating a set of armor which belonged to Frederick the Victorious, the Frederick the Victorious Full Suit of Armor mirrors the original 15th century set, which is still being displayed at an Arms Museum in Vienna, Austria.

Gothic Suit of Armour

Item # AB0024
A fully articulated and wearable harness in the German Gothic style of the late 15th century. Armour of this type is generally sleeker fitting and less rounded than Milanese armour of the same period, thanks to its terminating points.
$1,960.00 $1,840.00

Knights Full Suit of Armor

Item # ME-0035
Embrace your knightly aspirations with the exquisitely appealing design of the Knights Full Suit of Armor. This set of armor handcrafted in Italy from steel in a replication of the style used by medieval Milanese armorers.

Knights Jousting Full Suit of Armor

Item # ME-0036
Enjoy a sample of fine Italian armor in the famed styling used in the late 15th century with the Knights Jousting Full Suit of Armor. This wearable suit of armor is designed to resemble the armor of a 15th century Venetian commander.

Men At Arms Full Suit of Armor

Item # ME-0025
Italian armorers were industry leaders during the Renaissance era, known for their exceptionally high quality plate armor. You can experience this historic master craftsmanship first hand with the Men At Arms Full Suit of Armor.

Milanese Armour

Item # AB0063
This Milanese harness displays the characteristic robust and rounded appearance of armour produced in northern Italy throughout the 15th century. Armour of this type incorporates large and smooth glancing surfaces in its construction.
$2,400.00 $1,789.00

Milanese Full Suit of Armor

Item # ME-0028
An exquisite display of 15th century style Italian armor, the Milanese Full Suit of Armor is an extraordinary replication of a suit crafted by the famous Italian armorers the Corio family, which was crafted around 1440.

Traditional Knights Full Suit of Armor

Item # ME-0037
Epitomizing the classic look of a medieval knight, the Traditional Knights Full Suit of Armor is a wearable set of fine steel armor that emulates the legendary styling of Milanese master armorers from the early 16th century.