Viking Shields

As fearsome as Vikings warriors and their berserker warriors were, even they understood the importance of carrying a shield. And as popular as Vikings are, Medieval Armour is happy to provide a number of Viking shields that are perfect for completing any warrior's ideal Viking image with either a decorative shield or a fully functional shield. Of course, we don't just offer only Viking shields, but all manner of Norse shields, ranging from Norman shields and Norman kite shields to classic, round Viking shields. In fact, the round Viking shield was traditionally the most common type of Viking shield, as well as a common medieval shield, providing a convenient shape that was easy to use, easy to manufacture, and easy to carry. Thus, round Viking shields are among the more common types that we offer, although we do offer a few kite shields in both Viking and Norman designs. And if you're looking for a functional Viking shield, then you've come to the right place, as our wooden Viking shields are every bit as tough and durable metal counterparts, with the added advantage of never rusting! In terms of design, some of our Norse shields are left plain, featuring only wood grain and steel, while others feature impressive designs that feature symbols of the famed Norse berserker, as well as the dragons and chaos symbols that have become associated with Viking culture today. It's up to you if, as a Norse warrior, you want to carry a Viking shield or not, although glory and riches are easier to enjoy when you survive the battle, and a good, functional Viking shield like the ones offered here at Medieval Armour are certainly a good way to improve your odds of survival, as well as your classic Viking image.
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Eirik Wooden Viking Shield

Item # HW-700775
If you are wanting a great shield for battle, the Eirik Wooden Viking Shield is perfect for any Norse warrior. This wood shield features a metal rim and pointed central boss.

Helm of Awe Viking Shield

Item # HW-700566
Until he fell in battle to the hero Sigurd, the dragon Fafnir used a symbol called the Helm of Awe for protection. Because of this tale, Viking warriors often painted this symbol on their shields, as the Helm of Awe Viking Shield displays.

Round Dragon Knot Viking Shield

Item # AH-4374
Many Norse warriors attempted to emulate the qualities of ferocious beasts, either by berserking or by adopting their images. This Round Dragon Knot Viking Shield is one such attempt to harness the power of the legendary dragon.

Round Horse Warrior Viking Shield

Item # AH-4370
Norse culture gave rise to some of the greatest warriors of an age, and this Round Horse Warrior Viking Shield shows a bit of the nuance to their culture, depicting an animal that was revered by Norsemen and Vikings through the years.

Round Wooden Viking Shield

Item # 801108
Our Round Viking Shield is made from solid wood which has been prestained a dark brown. The center features a steel boss with decorative steel strips as well as a complete steel rim which helps protect the edge of the shield.

Valknut Viking Shield

Item # HW-700565
The Valknut is the symbol of Odin, protector of warriors who rewards those who die nobly in battle. It is for this reason that Vikings would honor him by putting this symbol on their shields, as displayed by the Valknut Viking Shield.

Viking Warriors Shield - Red and White

Item # HW-700629
Add some defense and detail to your Norse fighters ensemble with the Viking Warriors Shield in Red and White. The two colors alternate in wide bands and spiral from the polished, 14 gauge steel shield boss attached to the center.