Steel Arm Bracers

Sometimes a warrior doesn't want or need to cover himself in layers of thick, heavy steel. Sometimes, a bit of steel is all the protection you'll need. And for those situations, Medieval Armour offers a number of steel arm bracers, which are perfect for providing not only a touch of protection on the arms, right where you need it, but also a bit of authentic medieval style. We offer a range of steel bracers in a variety of styles, ranging from authentic medieval arm bracers modeled after pieces of medieval armour to impressive and stylish fantasy bracers that are drawn from the creative realm of fantasy and imagination. Being functional steel armour, these bracers are ideally suited as SCA arm bracers, where they'll stand up to the punishment that is typically delivered to any piece of armour on a regular basis. Of course, because of that strength, they're also a fantastic piece of LARP armour or reenactment armour, enhancing the look of any costume while providing a touch of protection, as well. With these arm bracers, you're not even really limited by era, as Roman arm bracers, knightly arm bracers, and even elven arm bracers all look fantastic with a wide assortment of different styles. Basically, you can take any of the steel arm bracers you'll find here at Medieval Armour and mix and match them with your favorite costumes and suits of armour, creating many looks that are great for show and for use.
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Blackened Adam Bracers

Item # MY100002
The Blackened Adam Bracers serve as excellent medieval arm protection for role-players and re-enactors. Crafted from sturdy steel with a striking, dark metal finish, the steel bracers display corrugated detailing along the rims.

Blackened Balthasar Bracers

Item # MY100004
The Blackened Balthasar Bracers includes a pair of arm guards featuring a rim decorated with rivets. The combination of the rounded edges and the dark metal finish provides the arm armour with a striking, warlike appearance.

Blackened Dragomir Bracers

Item # MY101050
Those who have fought dragons know the power that they hold. Add the strength of this great serpentine beast with these Blackened Dragomir Bracers. Wear them into your next roleplaying battle or look ferocious at a Renaissance faire.

Blackened Fafnir Bracers

Item # MY100006
When you want excellent protection in battle without sacrificing comfort, the Blackened Fafnir Bracers make the ideal solution. These steel bracers are crafted with metal plates that are riveted on a backing of padded suede leather.

Blackened Georg Bracers

Item # MY100284
Made of blackened, 16 gauge steel, these bracers are perfect for warriors who want to look good on the battlefield while retaining full range of arm mobility. Classic rivets and ridges adorn the corners of this eye-catching set.

Blackened Lucas Bracers

Item # MY100314
Particularly great for younger knights, the Blackened Lucas Bracers are sized a bit smaller than most adult bracers. These high-quality steel arm guards are treated for anti-rust and are fastened with adjustable buckled straps.

Blackened Markward Bracers

Item # MY100008
Warriors who want a function and form in their plate armour are sure to be impressed by the Blackened Markward Bracers. The steel bracers feature a central bend running down the front, adding strength and stiffness to the design.

Blackened Rikomer Bracers

Item # MY101064
Strong and powerful, a soldier stalks at night to reach the enemy. Protect your arms from any blow by the enemy with the Blackened Rikomer Bracers. Wear them into your next LARP battle or look ferocious at a Renaissance faire.

Blackened Vladimir Bracers

Item # MY100013
Offering a practical design that looks quite striking, the Blackened Vladimir Bracers are ideal for your next LARP battle. The steel bracers are composed of multiple curved metal segments including integrated hand and elbow pieces.

Classic Steel Arm Bracers

Item # HW-700927
Commanders of great armies remember to protect their bodies from enemy blows in battle. They wear armour like this set of Classic Steel Arm Bracers. Add these steel bracers to a historical reenactment outfit or a cosplay costume.

Dark Drake Steel Arm Bracers

Item # MCI-2583
The Dark Drake Steel Arm Bracers provide necessary protection against blows during LARP combat. This set of forearm guards features a raised pattern that not only aids in deflection, but also creates a unique look for your character.

Dark Warrior Arm Bracers

Item # MCI-2581
Create a LARP character of your own design with the Dark Warrior Arm Bracers shielding your forearms. Whether you become an undead soldier of the netherworld, or a ruthless mercenary, these bracers prove their worth during combat.