Steel Body Armour

The chest is, without a doubt, the largest target on a body going into battle. Luckily, if you shopped at Medieval Armour beforehand, you'll already have an edge in the form of steel body armour. Fully protected by the steel cuirass or harness of your choice, you can advance into the enemy ranks without fear, knowing that your torso is well-protected by layers of steel armour. We offer a wide selection of fully functional body armour that is designed to not only keep you safe, but replicate the look and feel of various historic and medieval classes of warriors, ranging from Roman soldiers to classic knights in their shining plate armour. Our steel body armour comes in different shapes and forms, ranging from a typical steel breastplate or steel cuirass to the much-needed steel backplate, which when worn together wraps your torso in a complete layer of steel (or steel and leather, depending on the backplate chosen). Being made from steel, this is battle ready armour, making it perfect as both LARP armour (live action roleplay) and as SCA body armour. This steel armour comes in various different styles, ranging from classic medieval armour fit for any soldier to the gothic armour of later medieval knights, down to the classic Roman lorica segmentas that were favored by soldiers in the Roman Legion. Fully functional and incredibly detailed, the steel body armour you'll find here at Medieval Armour is just the protection you need when you're planning to walk onto the field of battle, whether you're doing so for a stated production, a grand LARP battle, or even a reenactment with live or blunted blades!
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15th Century European Cuirass

Item # AB0015
The armor of choice when it came to the 15th century soldier was a marked improvement from earlier eras. After all, this 15th Century European Cuirass certainly looks like effective armor, one that would afford a great deal of defense.

15th Century German Cuirass

Item # MH-A0811
An excellent example of German armour from around 1460-1500, the 15th Century German Cuirass combines ostentation, beauty, and protection into an eye-catching design. The steel cuirass features faulds hanging from the breastplate.

Ancient Warrior Breastplate

Item # HW-700861
No matter if you are a mercenary fighting for glory or a soldier defending a kingdom, you require great armour like the Ancient Warrior Breastplate. Add this steel torso armour to your medieval ensemble, especially for a reenactment.

Backplate for Dark Drake or Dark Warrior - Size Large

Item # MCI-2520-L
The wise warrior never enters the LARP battleground with the back exposed. The Backplate for Dark Drake or Dark Warrior-Size Large safeguards your spine, allowing you to concentrate more fully on the adventure that lies ahead.

Backplate for Warrior or Drake - Size Large

Item # MCI-2521-L
Prevent injury to your back and spine during LARP by wearing suitable armour. Whether you choose to be a warrior from a fantasy realm or a Templar knight, the Backplate for Warrior or Drake - Size Large has your back, literally.

Backplate for Warrior or Drake - Size Medium

Item # MCI-2521-M
When adventuring into a LARP kingdom, be ready for whatever lies ahead, and for the occasional fool who may try to surprise you. The Backplate for Warrior or Drake - Size Medium prevents injury to your spine during said attacks.

Backplate for Warrior or Drake- Size Small

Item # MCI-2521-S
Enjoy the fun and excitement of a LARP battle, while avoiding unnecessary injuries. The Backplate for Warrior or Drake - Size Small features a design that emphasizes durability and safety, offering protection to your back and spine.

Balthasar Steel Backplate

Item # MY101301
Any cunning soldier should know to be wary of attacks to the back. Protect yourself from an enemy attack by wearing the Balthasar Steel Backplate. This backplate makes a great addition to your LARP outfit or cosplay ensemble.

Balthasar Steel Breastplate

Item # MY101302
You fight bravely in any battle that you are in. After all, you know the value of wearing armour and thus, you wear the Balthasar Steel Breastplate. This breastplate makes a great addition to your LARP outfit or cosplay ensemble.

Black Steel Muscle Cuirass

Item # HW-700706
Send your enemies fleeing when you show your strength in the Black Steel Muscle Cuirass. Made of 20 gauge steel, this body armour is inspired by the muscle cuirasses worn by the warriors and rulers of ancient Rome and Greece.

Black Steel Muscle Cuirass

Item # NP-V-80704L
Muscle cuirasses were designed to display what the Greeks considered to be the height of physical perfection. This Black Steel Muscle Cuirass is a replication of the cuirasses that became popular throughout the 5th and 4th centuries.

Blackened Adam Breastplate

Item # MY100033
The Blackened Adam Breastplate offers something truly special for your live action role-play warrior ensemble. The design of the functional body armour is inspired by the first complete breastplates from the 14th century.