Leather Full Arm Armour

In battle, it is important to protect both your hands and your arms, and there's no better way to protect yourself and retain your mobility than to wear a set of Leather Full Arm Armour. And here at Medieval Armour, we offer not just one or two sets of leather arm armour, but several, allowing any warrior to have their pick of several different styles of quality arm protection. These leather arms are modeled after classic examples of medieval armour, taking traditional designs and transforming them into fully functional pieces of leather armour. Thanks to their hardy strength, several of the leather arm armour offered here makes great re-enactment armour, as well as great SCA leather arm armour, offering the perfect medium between defensive strength and weight. Because they work so well as SCA arm armour, they also double as fantastic LARP arm armour, providing the same defense against LARP weapons as they would provide against blunted, training weapons. They also come in various styles, ranging from the traditional manica and segmentata of Roman and gladiator-styled armours to the more medieval styles of mercenary arms and Milanese arms, which are perfect for medieval warriors, knights, and bandits of all sorts. Whether you're wearing it as a part of a costume or wearing it into you battle, you won't regret equipping yourself with a good set of leather arm armour from Medieval Armour.
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3/4 Mercenary Leather Arms

Item # DK5310
Our 3/4 Mercenary Arms are made of thick, combat ready 13/15 oz. leather. Fit for the mercenary, you can choose to get these custom arms with or without daggers. These leather arm protectors are fully articulated.

Gladiator Leather Segmentata Left Arm Guard

Item # AH-6231L
Some gladiators wore very little armor, choosing instead to go into the arena carrying their given weapon, limited clothing, and this Gladiator Leather Segmentata Left Arm Guard, preferring to rely on offense to grant them victory.

Gladiator Scaled Leather Arm Guard

Item # AH-6234L
The armor a gladiator wore often depended on their type, although a more common piece of gladiatorial armor was this Gladiator Scaled Leather Arm Guard. This protector offers a modicum of defense, while also being quite lightweight.

Knightly 3/4 Leather Arm Armour

Item # DK5313
The Knightly 3/4 Leather Arm Armour has a simple style allows them to be used for just about any period of re-enacting and to be paired with other armour and still easily match. These arms are fully articulated and move with your arm.

Noble Leather Couters

Item # MCI-3508
Brave paladins must ensure that they wear as much armour as possible. Wear the Noble Leather Couters on your elbows to ensure better arm protection. Do not fear enemy attacks during a LARP battle or during historical reenactments.
$113.00 $79.20

Soldier 3/4 Leather Arm Armour

Item # DK5312
Our Soldiers 3/4 Leather Arm Armour is made of combat ready 13/15 oz. leather. These arms feature a simple, functional design. This style allows them to be used for just about any period of re-enacting and to be paired with other armour.

Standard 1/2 Leather Arms

Item # DK5311
These arms are very versatile and will go with just about any of our other Leather Armour and probably any of your already existing armour. They are also adjustable for your forearm length, and reversible too!