Leather Full Leg Armour

In the hectic hustle and bustle of battle, it's easy to forget, sometimes, about what ones legs are doing...and how well they're protected. Agility and movement will take you far, but sometimes, it's better to cover all your bases and wear some leather leg armour, which is why Medieval Armour carries an assortment of leather full leg armour fit for any warrior or knight! When it comes to this leather leg armour, we don't mess around. Made from quality 13/15 oz. armour grade leather, these combinations of leather greaves, leather cuisse, and leather knee cops are just what any warrior would want to wear to protect their legs, offering the lightness of leather with a remarkable durability. These sets of medieval leather leg armour are made to last and made to take punishment, coming in various styles to suit a variety of warrior's needs, ranging from knight leg armour to mercenary leg armour and more! And because of its strength, it makes for great reenactment and SCA leg armour, helping to fend off blows from both weighted training weapons and blunted replicas. It goes without saying that defends just as well against LARP weapons, making it great live action roleplay armour, too. Being nimble and agile is a good start to a defense, but sooner or later, an opponent is bound to get lucky. Better, instead, to wear some of the full leather leg armour offered here at Medieval Armour and cover your legs, just in-case, rather than take a needless risk by going into battle only partly armoured.

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3/4 Mercenary Leather Legs

Item # DK5230
Our 3/4 Mercenary Legs are made of thick, combat ready 13/15 oz. leather. The knee features your choice of a classic clover style or fishtail style design. These legs are fully articulated and includes all straps and buckles needed.

Full Leather Leg Armour

Item # DK5233
If you are looking for total leg protection, then look no further than here, at our Full Leather Leg Armour. It offers nearly complete and total protection to the front of your legs without weighing you down with a lot of excess metal.

Knightly 3/4 Leather Leg Armour

Item # DK5231
Our Knightly Leather Leg Armour is protective coverings for your legs. It is a combination of leather cuisses, which protect your upper legs, and leather poleyns, which protect your knees, while still allowing for ease of movement.

Noble Leather Polyens

Item # MCI-3509
Knees can be a weak point against enemy attacks, especially attacks from skilled archers. Protect your knees in battle with the Noble Leather Polyens. These knee guards also cover part of the shins for better defense at a LARP event.

Rogue Leg Protection - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3543
You and your fellows sit in waiting for a weary traveler to come by so you can take their treasures. The Epic Dark Rogue Leg Protection protects you. These greaves are great for a variety of roleplaying events, including LARP battles.