Steel Pauldrons

If you're going for the total package of a completely armed and armoured look, then you won't want to march into battle without wearing a good pair of medieval pauldrons. And of course, Medieval Armour is your number-one place to find all the steel pauldrons and steel spaulders you need to provide perfect protection to your shoulders and upper arms. Of course, upper arm armour like this doesn't just provide protection, but also an added level of impressive style that enhances any armoured look. As far as medieval armour goes, our pauldrons come in a few different designs, featuring a shining steel that's typically associated with knights pauldrons and gothic pauldrons, as well as the darkened steel pauldrons that typically go well with intimidating and dark warrior looks. Of course, being made from quality steel, these pieces of medieval armour are perfect for use as SCA pauldrons, where they will provide that much-needed added layer of defense. Some, thanks to their sword-breaker attachments, might even catch and ruin an opponent's blade, and that's always a good thing! They also make fantastic LARP pauldrons, where they'll give you a realistic, armoured look that will actually fend off and lessen the impact of padded or blunted weapons. It should be noted that some pauldrons do require a gorget or a cuirass to wear, so please read the description of your pauldron of choice carefully. Tie in a pair of steel spaulders or steel pauldrons to your armoured appearance, and you won't have to worry about errant strikes clipping your shoulder or taking your arm off (metaphorically speaking) ever again.
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14th Century Spaulders

Item # MH-A0804
Combined with arm armour and gauntlets, this kind of simple shoulder armour continued in use up through the middle of the 15th century. The 14th Century Spaulders offer straightforward protection with their rigid steel construction.

15th Century Spaulders

Item # MH-A0805
This style of shoulder armour corresponds with the pieces used from the end of the 14th century to the middle of the 15th century. The 15th Century Spaulders make an excellent option for LARP events and historical re-enactments.

15th Century Spaulders with Besagews

Item # MH-A0805B
This style of shoulder armour corresponds with the pieces used from the end of the 14th century to the middle of the 15th century. The 15th Century Spaulders with Besagews make an excellent option for LARP events and re-enactments.

Blackened Dragomir Spaulders

Item # MY101060
Many stalwart warriors prefer an elaborate and impressive look to their armour. Check out the Blackened Dragomir Spaulders for your LARP costume. Wear them into your next roleplaying battle or look ferocious at a Renaissance faire.

Blackened Georg Spaulders

Item # MY100738
The only things more terrifying than your dark disposition and your reputation of destroying every village you pass through are your large, foreboding shoulders, and that is all thanks to the impressive Blackened Georg Spaulders!

Blackened Gustav Spaulders

Item # MY100398
Wear the Blackened Gustav Spaulders for an added touch of dark style and shoulder protection. Made up of five interlocking pieces with decorative points and curves, they offer great mobility along with their distinct look.

Blackened Mina Spaulders

Item # MY100066
Transform yourself into a modern day warrior princess with the help of the Blackened Mina Spaulders! This fantastic womens shoulder armour displays a dark metal finish and is constructed from three flexibly composed segments.

Blackened Ortwin Spaulders

Item # MY101085
Your shoulders work hard when you fight against an enemy in battle. Protect them from whatever comes your way with the Blackened Ortwin Spaulders. These steel spaulders are wonderful for medieval outfits and Renaissance costumes.

Blackened Rikomer Spaulders

Item # MY101074
Like the scales of a great and mighty dragon are meant to protect it, so should your armour protect you like these great Blackened Rikomer Spaulders. Wear them in your next roleplaying battle or look ferocious at a Renaissance faire.

Blackened Vladimir Spaulders

Item # MY100078
Perfect for dressing up as a medieval champion at your next LARP battle, the Blackened Vladimir Spaulders feature a dark metal finish and a broad shape that accentuates the impressive appearance of your whole suit of plate armour.

Childs Warrior Pauldrons

Item # MCI-2550
What role will your child play while LARPing? Will your son or daughter become a noble knight of the Round Table or an elven swordfighter from the enchanted woods? Regardless, the Childs Warrior Pauldrons guard their shoulders.

Classic Steel Pauldrons

Item # HW-700919
Commanders of great armies do not march into battle unprotected. They ensure that they are covered by armour pieces like our Classic Steel Pauldrons. They are wonderful for historical reenactments, cosplay, and fantasy conventions.