Leather Brigandines

The leather brigandine first surfaced during the 14th century, before coming into widespread use during the following 15th and 16th centuries, were it survived the transition between mail and plate armour. This is because a leather brigandine perfectly combines the lightness and the maneuverability of leather with the strength of layered plate armour. And this is something that Medieval Armour has carried over into our own selection of medieval brigandines, too. Each and every piece of leather body armour found here is a classic example of a leather coat of plates, with some featuring small metal plates while others feature small leather plates. And they're all equally effective as far as medieval armour goes, creating a leather coat of plates that offers great protection without forcing a warrior to sacrifice speed and mobility. This style of leather armour would make for a great choice when it comes to LARP armour or SCA armour, as a brigandine is not only highly effective, but many are also easy to maintain, too! As a testament to how effective and wide-spread the leather brigandine was, it was apparently the favored armour of William Wallace, having been featured in the movie Braveheart. Warriors of all types, ranging from knights to archers to bandits favored the leather brigandine as their armour of choice, and now, thanks to Medieval Armour, now you can pick the medieval brigandine as your armour of choice, too!
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English Brigandine - Black

Item # HW-701456BK
Many warriors and rogues prefer to wear armour that is lighter than full steel. Add the Black English Brigandine to your reenactment or LARP outfit. This brigandine is great for a variety of characters, from medieval to fantasy.

Joshua Brigandine

Item # MY100498
Both on and off the LARP battlefield, the extra defense and authenticity the Joshua Brigandine lends to your roleplay character is quite impressive. This body armor is modeled after the plated coats worn throughout the Middle Ages.

Leather Brigandine

Item # MCI-2716
This Leather Brigandine is an impressive piece of work. It has a base of vegetable-tanned leather covered with medium weight leather plates. This brigandine is ideal for LARP. It is actually form-fitting and comfortable to wear.
$406.00 $221.40

Lucas Brigandine

Item # MY100316
For young warriors who prefer sturdy protection lighter than plate armour, the Lucas Brigandine is the perfect thing to wear. This leather torso armour is made of canvas and polyester with riveted leather plates covering the piece.

Osric Leather Brigandine

Item # MY100537
Regardless of setting or role, your LARP character will benefit from the defense and mobility offered by the Osric Leather Brigandine. This armour is modeled after the plated coats worn by various warriors throughout the Middle Ages.

Riveted Leather Brigandine Armor

Item # AH-6076
Not all warriors on the medieval field of battle were knights clad in plate. In fact, not all warriors even preferred plate armor. Some, like the foot soldiers, used something closely related to this Riveted Leather Brigandine Armor.

Robert Brigandine

Item # MY100338
The Robert Brigandine is a great option for those who prefer to wear lighter armour for historical reenactment. This armour vest is made up of thick suede straps woven together, and metal rivets secure these straps at every crossing.

Wisby Suede Leather Brigandine

Item # MHR-A0931S
Inspired by the 14th century Battle of Wisby in Gotland, the Wisby Suede Leather Brigandine offers protection equivalent to a cuirass while allowing more flexibility because of superposition of bands along the leather body.