Steel Thigh Armour

If you think that, after donning a cuirass, greaves, bracers, pauldrons, and a helmet, you're fully armoured, then think again! Your upper legs are still open to attack. Don't worry, though, because Medieval Armour offers the perfect remedy for that, in the form of our steel thigh armour, which can consists of cuisse, tassets, or even groin plates! Thigh armour comes in several different forms, although the most common form of thigh armour found here in this section is the tasset. This piece of functional leg armour consists of a waist belt that suspends overlapping armoured plates that defend the upper legs and waist from attack, providing a more than adequate level of upper leg protection. Thigh armor can also consist of other pieces of leg armour, though, including the cuisse, which is similar to greaves, but is instead worn on the upper leg and thigh. The steel tasset and the steel cuisse can even be combined, to provide protection from both downward attacks and the occasional upward strike from the ground! Being made from steel, this medieval armour is fully functional, which means it works wonders as a piece of SCA thigh armour, providing just the right level of defense that will help turn away stray blows and strikes from what could normally be a difficult area to defend. Because of that strength, these medieval cuisse armours and tasset belts are also fantastic LARP armours, making it much harder for a live action roleplay opponent to slip a blade past your steely defenses. Are you looking for leg protection but don't know where to start? Luckily, you've found the right place, as Medieval Armour has an assortment of steel thigh armour to work with, ranging from fitted steel cuisse to the ever-important and impressively defensive tasset belt.
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Blackened Adam Shield Tasset

Item # MY100489
Further your defense on the battlefield and customize the look of your LARP character with the Blackened Adam Shield Tasset. It offers protection to the thigh area while also serving as a great way to display your own personal herald.

Blackened Balthasar Shield Tasset

Item # MY100368
The Blackened Balthasar Shield Tasset is an easy way to spice up your LARP armour outfits while incorporating extra protection. Easily attached to a belt via two leather loops, this plate armour piece is incredibly versatile.

Blackened Georg Tassets

Item # MY100732
While it is always crucial for an adventurer to protect their chest, they should never neglect their legs, just in case they run into an archer or an angry dwarf. Luckily, the Blackened Georg Tassets are here to keep your thighs covered!

Blackened Gustav Shield Tasset

Item # MY100366
Add an extra element of protection and style to your LARP armour and reenactment looks with the Blackened Gustav Shield Tasset. Attached to belts via two leather loops, this triangular shield is made of blackened 16 gauge steel.

Blackened Lucas Shield Tasset

Item # MY100533
With the Blackened Lucas Shield Tasset, young warriors can display the herald of their clan, while enhancing their defense. Make certain their protection is complete by combining this belt shield with the rest of the Lucas armour.

Blackened Markward Shield Tasset

Item # MY100371
Wear the Blackened Markward Shield Tasset with your favorite LARP and medieval armour sets for extra style and protection. Made of 16 gauge blackened steel, this functional tasset features a triangular design with curved top edges.

Blackened Markward Tassets

Item # MY100043
The perfect medieval plate armour for protecting your thighs and lower abdomen, the Blackened Markward Tassets possess a practical yet striking design with their sturdy construction, dark metal finish, and riveted detailing.

Blackened Mina Armour Belt

Item # MY100324
The Blackened Mina Armour Belt is ideal for women warriors looking for a stylish and sturdy addition to their battle gear. Great for LARP outfits, this blackened 16 gauge steel belt is decorated with rivets and worn at the hip.

Blackened Vladimir Tasset Belt

Item # MY100363
Highly adjustable, the Blackened Vladimir Tasset Belt is great for protecting upper legs during light reenactment. The dark finish lends it a distinct look, ranging from mysterious to sinister depending on how it is styled.

Captain Belt Shields - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3702
As a commander of men, you know that you must lead by example. That is why you protect yourself by wearing armour like the Epic Dark Captain Belt Shields. These thigh guards are great for LARP events, cosplay conventions, and more.

Captains Belt Shields - Polished Steel

Item # MCI-3496
Add necessary protection to your medieval or fantasy look with the Captains Belt Shields in Polished Steel. Sold as a set of two, these 19 gauge steel armour plates hang from your own favorite belt and protect your outer thighs.

ConQuest Undead Skull Groin Plate

Item # MCI-2647
The settlers of the ConQuest kingdom will quickly realize where your loyalty lies when you don the armour of the Undead Flesh. The ConQuest Undead Skull Groin Plate features the insignia of the eternal warriors of the Bone Queen.